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3D Printing

The rapid advance of affordable, high quality and increasingly reliable desktop 3D printers is transforming the creative and manufacturing industries. According to The Economist,

"...although 3D printing will create winners and losers in the short term, in the long run it will expand the realm of industry - and imagination."

It's also becoming a valuable teaching tool, helping children think, design and create in all three dimensions.

3D Printing for Businesses

We offer workshops, training and consultancy services to businesses in the creative and manufacturing industries wishing to explore the potential of desktop 3D printing, whether it be for in-house use or for creating customised and personalised designs for their customers.

3D Printing for Education

We also have considerable expertise in using 3D printing as an educational tool at all levels, from Primary through to University and College level.

And it has potential far beyond the STEM subjects.

Photo CC-BY by fdecomite via Flickr

Thinking beyond the print

Although 3D printing was developed to produce finished articles, we have discovered its potential is significantly increased when used in conjunction with other materials, tools and techniques - a means and not an ends in its own right.

By using 3D printing as a starting point, it becomes possible to produce designs in a wide variety of materials, including metal.

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